Project Management: HUSY Builders LLC ensures flawless management and coordination at every stage of a project, from estimating through drafting, production, and installation.


We provide our clients with functional planning and aesthetic design services. We can build from client’s plans if available, or we can start with sketches or ideas and rely on our computer design experience to design and build unique and individual pieces. Our design projects include a 2-D CAD drawing of the proposed objects. 3D models are also available if needed.


We produce all of our custom woodworking right in our own shop. This eliminates contracting work to a third party and ensures that all work will be completed precisely to your specifications. Whether the job involves veneers, solid wood, laminates we deliver the highest level of quality and precision. Our craftsmen construct every cabinet using high quality materials to ensure the best end result for years to come.


We provide in-house delivery and professional installation services. Your fine woodwork will be skillfully installed to exact specifications for both function and aesthetics, using the highest quality workmanship.

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